In a previous post, we introduced and described two in-browser web-design apps called Easel and Jetstrap; which are not only free to use, but also integrate Bootstrap by Twitter.

Since the creation of Bootstrap, creating quality landing pages has become much easier. While we merely skimmed the utility behind these two apps in that post, we knew that there would be a strong demand for some kind of tutorial explaining how to use these apps. So due to numerous requests from our subscribers, we created this easy-to-follow video which takes you through the creation of a landing page using only Easel’s web app. This landing page is set up to allow for a lead capture or just provide some interactive elements within a landing page with the use of a form.

Watch the video to see how you can create your own landing page with almost no knowledge of code!

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  1. Jody

    Wow Great info, Thanks…!!!

  2. Aziz Kamara

    No problem Jody! I’m happy that you found it to be helpful!

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  4. Tee

    Great video buddy!!! Your website provides valuable how-to tutorials that are hard to find elsewhere.

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