Security FAQ

Dear Visitor,

The #1 thing that we at iPyxel Creations care about is maintaining our trust and relationship with you. We would never jeopardize that under any circumstances as long as we have a say, and we promise to keep you and your information as safe as possible. That is our absolute guarantee to our most important asset: you.

From time to time, through the software that we provide to you to increase your bottom line, you may be asked to enter login credentials to external sites. We understand this could be a bit of a leap of faith for some of you given the, at times, blemished reputation of our industry caused by a minority group of murky ethics.

We hope, however, you believe in us in our one and only goal to provide you with the most effective and highest standard tools out there. We do not hope to become a major media buyer or super-affiliates. The only thing we care about is building a top-notch technology platform to provide you with world-class service. The information you provide to our technology will never be used for ANY other reason except what is minimally necessary to provide our software and services to you and to improve your experience.

As the sole founder of this company, I am inking my name to the integrity of our practices, and I know that my personal reputation will be permanently attached to how we operate our business. You can always reach me personally, at any time, to discuss any thing via email. Please visit our Contact Page, or learn more About Us.


Tom Fang
Founder & CEO

Why does iPyxel need my login credentials for external sites?

Our goal is to provide you with the best marketing automation, optimization, and ad management tools. Often, the tools are created to service external traffic sources and networks that do not currently have the necessary technology to manage marketing operations with scale. In order to provide tools to automate campaign creation, analyze trends and cut under-performing creatives, and aggregate data from multiple sources, your credentials are required to access your accounts where you need these functions performed.

We use the log in information to establish a secure connection with your traffic source, traffic network, or CPA network, which enables our software to access the necessary data to display it all in a central location for your use. We do NOT store any of your campaign-specific performance data on our own servers. For more details, please visit our privacy policy.

Are my billing information at external sites safe?

Our technology platforms operate in a way that they are only able to retrieve the minimum required information from your external accounts to perform the necessary functions. It is not possible to retrieve any billing or personal information located at external sites through the use of our software. Specific and necessary information are only retrieved with functions specifically created to retrieve the exact information the software needs to function.

Where do you store my credentials?

Your login credentials are stored securely in a separate database using multi-layered hardware and software encryption. We only store the information needed to save you the trouble of having to enter your login information manually each time the software needs to connect to those accounts.

How can I protect my iPyxel account?

  • Don’t share your iPyxel password with anyone.
  • Make sure that your password is complex, including both numbers and capital letters.
  • Be certain that you have virus protection and a firewall on any computer you use to access iPyxel.
  • Don’t install programs from people or companies you don’t know.
  • Keep your computer and browser software current with security updates.
  • Install and update anti-virus and anti-spyware software and use personal firewalls to protect your computer.
  • Be alert to the threats posed by malware–(malicious software) which can damage or disrupt your system, or secretly record information such as keystrokes.
  • Do not enable automatic login to your account or pre-fill the Login ID or password fields.
  • Change your password periodically and avoid using passwords that you commonly use for other purposes.
  • Always log off after completing your activities on our site.
  • Be careful about using third-party computers or computers that you are not familiar with such as those in Internet cafés and be careful to ensure you have fully logged out.
  • For more information on how to protect your personal computer, including links to vendors providing anti-virus and anti-spyware software, you can visit the Federal Trade Commission’s computer security site. Microsoft Corporation provides additional information specific to the Windows operating system at Users of Apple computers can find security information at

How can I permanently delete my iPyxel account?

Simply send an email to contact[at] from the email you registered your account with. In the subject line, put “Please Permanently Delete My iPyxel Account.”

What security technology do you employ?

We always transmit information securely. We implement 256-bit SSL-encryption technology through GeoTrust and RapidSSL, and the SSL Certificate has a 2048-bit length private key and is signed with a sha1WithRSAEncryption method. This site only accepts connections with a strong cipher suite and will not allow weak encryption for SSL sessions. We also subscribe to an anti-phishing service to discover and take-down malicious sites intended to fool our customers.

For more information, please contact us at contact[at]