Getting volume on a successful campaign while maintaining performance is the golden egg every marketer seeks in order to create massive profits. On many traffic sources, volume is gained by expanding keywords and variations of keywords. On other traffic sources, volume is gained by opening up targeting criteria to more countries. In POF, the latter is the case. Accompanied by various other methods like upping a campaign’s CPM bid, removing the login count, and duplicating campaigns, opening up the country targeting is a great way to boost the volume to your campaign.

Expanding the countries you wish to target can dramatically increase the volume of your campaigns without needing to increase your bid or touch the login count. Also, opening up to multiple countries allows you to test your creatives across a wide variety of countries without being required to micro-manage and make multiple segments according to each country to determine which images/headline/body copy combinations work best.

However, one large issue you may come across with this approach is finding an offer which accepts traffic from all of those countries. Very rarely will you find an offer which is seeking traffic from all countries you wish to target. For that, you need to get a little creative and use a redirect script. Specifically, a geo-redirect which will allow you to send a user to a particular landing page (and offer associated with that landing page) which will allow traffic from that user’s country.

After you’ve tested your images and have gathered enough data, you can then segment your campaign into country-specific campaigns based on performance. Thus this method not only allows you to gain volume, but also to test angles across multiple countries at once.

The video in this tutorial goes over a very simple geo targeting redirect script which allows you to do what I explained above. After watching, you will be able to create campaigns that will yield greater volume and allow faster testing. Enjoy!

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  1. John

    Hey this is great info! Thanks!!

    I need to do something like this on the state level. I have the GeoLiteCity database on my own server and use php to dynamically insert the state names into my landers. Do you have any idea how I could make this work with that setup? Below is the php code I currently place at the top of my landers and then the snippet I use to insert wherever i need it.

    top code




    region_name ?>

    I have tried playing around with this but it is over my head. Hopefully you can help.


  2. John

    ok the code didn’t paste… probably because I had it wrapped in the opening and closing php tags. hopefully this time it will with those removed.

    top code

    $gi = geoip_open(‘/home/johnaxe/public_html/GeoIP/GeoLiteCity.dat’, GEOIP_STANDARD);
    $location = GeoIP_record_by_addr($gi, $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]);


    echo $location->region_name

  3. Aziz Kamara

    Hmm, I can’t quite figure out what you have here. Is there any way you could email me and I would be happy to give you a hand.

    Otherwise, you could take a look at the post we made a while back on dynamic landing pages which includes a geoscript that will dynamically call out the user’s state and city.

  4. John

    Sent you an email about this. Thanks!!

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