POF 7-Day Mastery Guide

This is not your everyday informational eBook. This is the quintessential guide to achieving massive scale and profitability on the Plenty of Fish advertising platform.

Endorsed by Ben Louie, Official Rep of Plenty of Fish Advertising
Plenty of Fish
“A proven system created by someone who spends $x0,000/month advertising with us.”


This is the cumulative experience of more than two years of hard work and going through tens of thousands of dollars of spend per month on POF made into a comprehensive, all-in-one guide in advertising on Plenty of Fish. You will find this guide a great resource whether you are a beginner or an expert at POF.

Learning POF and operating it in scale instead of just a few campaigns is a commitment you have to make with your time and capital.  This guide is only for the serious learner who is ready to make such a commitment, not just make it a side hobby for a couple hours a week.  If you are looking for a get-rich-quick magic pill, this is not it.

While this is fully transparent information, there will be no hand holding.  Don’t be confused, this eBook does not contain any pre-made campaigns for you to make a quick buck.  What this provide for you is a clear path to learning, the exact framework that we use to approach our own POF portfolio, and lay out in detail all the little nuances and kinks that come with advertising on POF.

With that commitment, this guide will teach you how to get from the red to $xx,xxx per month in profit with long-term, sustainable campaigns that require very little ongoing maintenance. The cash flow you build will be here to stay.


Here are some select topics covered in 50+ pages:

Mass production of ads
Approaching broad vs. niche traffic
Tracking method & managing campaigns en mass
How to target and split test properly
Data analysis & when to cut ads
Building long term campaigns by mitigating burnout
Detailed explanations of POF nuances
And much much more…

We are no longer offering a PDF download of this guide. Please see below.


How to Get the Web Version of the Mastery Guide for Free:

Our primary business is not to sell information. It is to create great software to automate and scale digital marketing. We believe in giving you the tools and the guidance to use them to achieve your fullest potential.


PS, if you still don’t believe me, take a look at what these industry leaders have to say:


I am thoroughly impressed with Tom’s 7-day guide. He dives in much deeper than your average POF info-product to show you the process and theory to make money on POF. It’s a no brainer to read this guide as Tom has spent a SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT of dollars (I can vouch!) perfecting his money-making technique on POF, and he outlines it all here. Just follow his guide, and in 7 days, you’ll have learned more than 3 months of doing this on your own.

Ben Louie, Plenty of Fish Advertising
Plenty of Fish

The POF 7-Day Mastery Guide is a well organized, detailed, and easy to follow guide on Plenty of Fish traffic. It is some of the most comprehensive training on POF I’ve seen. Tom lays out a great system for building, testing, and optimizing campaigns. He always gives you personal attention when you have follow up questions as well. Anyone interested in running campaigns on POF should check it out!

David Ford, Creator and Owner of Aff Playbook
Aff Playbook

What the 7-Day Mastery Guide really homes in on is the development of systems, algorithms and cold-blooded ruthlessness in the way that you create, manage and cull your campaigns. If Premium Posts Volume 1 sought to gun down some of the psychology that lurks behind a successful ad, the POF 7-Day Mastery Guide is a structured and highly organized manifesto for getting profitable as soon as possible, while losing the least amount of cash.

Finch, Finch Sells
Finch Sells

Whether you are an advanced marketer and already using Plenty of Fish, or you have been thinking about using their platform and just haven’t had a chance, there is something for everyone in the POF 7-Day Mastery Guide.

Zac Johnson, PPC.ORG and ZacJohnson.com

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