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Today I’m going to do a brief tutorial on editing images in Photoshop in bulk for you all.

If you have a bunch of images and you want to add a border to all of them, you should not be opening each file and adding the border manually.  Photoshop is a very powerful program and allows you to record actions to apply to a batch of images at once.

Without further ado, here’s the video!  Enjoy, and look for more tutorials in the future.


  1. Matt

    Used this process, saved me a ton of Time

  2. Tom Fang

    Glad you liked it!

  3. Paul

    Really helpful post! Learning photoshop and this video has saved me tons of time with tedious actions that I would have otherwise probably wasted hours performing.

  4. Amit

    This saved me a ton of time. Great thing is that once automated you can use the recording for next set of banner too. So what i do is i just replace the pictures and psd on their respective folders with new batch and there goes my new 310×110 ads. Your guide and the articles are just fab. Looking forward to hear more 🙂

  5. Manuel Merz

    Hey Tom,

    is there a way to save the images with their original filename. So instead of using a 4 digit number, I would love to save each new image with their original filename…I hope this makes sense, lol.

  6. Tom Fang

    Yeah, should be easy.  Under “File Naming” just select “Document Name” instead of “4 Digit Serial Number”.

  7. Manuel Merz

     Tried that but now it saves the file always the same name as the template was saved in the action 🙁 I will give it another try.

  8. Affoffice

    Hey Tom, This is a nice video! And these complicated operations can be processed by several clicks in a desktop software – Affimage Processor. Highly recommend you check it out, it can really save you big time in split testing.

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