P202 Offer Manager

A lot of you complain about how much of hassle it is to update P202 campaign payouts and affiliate URL’s one by one whenever there is a tracking link change or payout change. Say no more! iPyxel brings you P202 Offer Manager and should save you lots of time if you ever need to swap URL’s or adjust payouts for a ton of “Aff Campaigns” in Prosper202.


  1. Retrieves a list of all of your Aff Campaigns from your P202 server and shows you their networks, payouts, and affiliate URL’s
  2. Allows you to change names and copy/paste payouts and URL’s across campaigns all within one screen.
  3. Internal “Offers Catalog” helps you keep track exactly which campaigns is running which offer and allows you to edit payouts and URL at the offer level instead of individual campaigns.

Requirements:  Microsoft Excel, preferably 2007 or 2010. Windows Only.
File Size: 107.4 KB

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This tool is available for subscribers only. If you haven’t subscribed, simply join our mailing list on the right hand sidebar. If you have subscribed and cannot locate your password, please contact us directly.

Note: This application requires your login credentials. The credentials will ONLY be saved locally on your computer, so you can rest 100% assured that your credentials are safe.

Please watch this quick video on how to use this tool:

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If there are any bugs, please email me a screenshot of the error message and the subsequent screen after you hit the “debug” button, and I will fix it for you! Any additional questions about usage, please post in the comments below so everyone gets the benefit.

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  1. Don

    Hi Tom,
    Great tool you have here. I would really love to use it but the download link is not working. It reload this page.

  2. Tom Fang

    Apologies! Link fixed!

  3. Tomas

    Hey Tom, I am getting error when trying to login to my Prosper. Here is what VB highlighted: aCamps(k, 1) = Application.Trim(Left(sTemp, x – 1))

  4. Tom Fang

    Could you send me screenshots of the error and the subsequent page after you hit debug? Also what appears in the status bar in the lower left hand corner as the error pops up? Lastly, could you let me know what operating system and Excel version you have? Hit me up on Skype if what I’m asking isn’t clear. We’ll try to fix this for you.

  5. Scott

    I got it to work by removing the spaces around a dash in the title of the affiliate campaigns. For Example, changing the title of the affiliate campaign from … “Dating Offer – US” to “Dating Offer-US”

  6. Tom Fang

    Thanks for posting the cause of the problem!  Will do an update to take care of this.

  7. Ben

    He Tom thanks for creating all these tools, i am just starting with POF. But with all these info and tools you provide here i think i can make a very good start without the fluf and fillers. Thank you so much! A donating is on the way.

    Greetings from Ben

    The netherlands

  8. Mike

    Hi Tom, Any chance of getting these tools working in XL for Mac (2011)?

  9. Tom Fang

    Mike, there hasn’t been enough people who needed on mac, but there are people who are using it on virtual Windows. I hope that’s ok.

  10. Clearjoey

    Will it work on Microsoft Office version for Mac?

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