Recently, we asked what kind of content you wanted us to feature in future posts and a large majority of you replied that you wished to see more tutorials on how to set up a campaign from start to finish in POF. So I took some time to set up a quick walkthrough video of how we set up our POF campaigns from the selection of an offer, to tracking with P202, and to finally uploading creatives in POF.

I put a lot of emphasis on the broad design process of campaign creation in this video for brevity’s sake. But if you have any questions regarding specific aspects of running a campaign on POF, feel free to check out our other posts on How Create a Landing Page, Targeting/Delivery Methods, Bidding Tips, or comment below.


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1). Picking an Offer – 00:09
2). Finding an angle for said offer – 01:17
3). Creating an ad – 02:24
4). Layout of a lander – 03:03
5). Tracking with P202 – 03:35
6). Placing creatives in POF – 09:42


  1. Victor Manuel Mejia

    Like always awesome, huge THANKS.

  2. Matt

    You’re always amazing me with you’re awesome posts, Keep it up Tom!

  3. Tom Fang

    We’re really glad this was useful!

  4. Matt

    Tom, little confused on tracking mutiple campaigns on POF with one tracking URL..For instance;

    I have 5 campaigns in POF, all for the same offer.. one for white guys, black guys and so on..How would i set this up one one campaign in prosper or CPV labs? 

    That way I can track my 5 campaigns on POF with one prosper/cpv lab campaign


  5. Aziz Kamara

    Hey Matt,

    To apply various landing pages/tracking url’s to one prosper campaign all you need to do is go to step #4 and add a new “Nickname LP” and corresponding “Landing Page URL”. Just make sure to select the correct campaign name in the “Aff Campaign” drop-down tab.

       Nickname LP:
       Landing Page URL:      
         www.yourdomain. com/offer/white_male.php

      Nickname LP:
      Landing Page URL:    
         www.yourdomain. com/offer/black_male.php<

  6. Great POF walkthrough!

    […] POF walkthrough! Easy Step-by-Step Campaign-Creation Walkthrough for POF | iPyxel Creations | Straight-to-the-point i… well worth a […]

  7. Anao

    10:30 – Being politically correct like a baws 😀

  8. Blue

    you already had a landing page,all of that was more work for nothing

  9. SAVY


  10. SAVY


    This is the default creative. Adding Target Critera in the default creative may make a campaign not show any ads in Plentyoffish.

  11. Brad Madiuk

    That’s awesome, great tutorial!

  12. Mary Rodriguez

     Hello Victor this is Mary and I see you have some time running ads in POF. I need a little more info. and help. I will aprecciate if you can give some tips and ideas. Thanks a lot in advance for any help.

  13. Mary

    Again thanks for this great video. we need it. 

  14. Aziz Kamara

    Why, thank you Mary!

    Always happy to provide practical information. I’m glad you enjoyed the video and found it to be useful!

  15. Aziz Kamara

    Hey Savy,

    According to the guidelines which POF provides, they state that they approve ads within 24 hours of submission. Their approval team works 7 days a week in an effort to maintain that claim.

    That being said, I have found that submitting ads before noon on any weekday almost always means approval by 7 pm that same day.

    Hope this helps!


    Thanksfor the video!! it really helped a lot

  17. Peter

    Great stuff!
    But I didn’t get why it was useful to append the [[subid]] at the end of the network affiliate url when setting up the campaign in prosper? How will it help me optimize my campaigns? I usually just add something like “prosperurl…/../kw=banner1” to see which ads are converting.
    Thanks! Outstanding blog

  18. Aziz Kamara

    Hey Peter, good question.

    By appending the [[subid]] at the end of the Network Affiliate url, I’m able to easily cross-reference the unique subid that Prosper generates with the subid displayed in the Traffic Network’s reports for each conversion. Then our tracking applies the conversion to the keyword (which is unique to each creative) associated with the converted subid and that tells us which creative generated a conversion.

  19. Peter

    But if I only add something like “http://prosperurl/../kw=banner1” I can still see exactly which banner converted in the ‘Analyze your keywords’ tab –> download to excel and then analyze all of the banners with pivot tables. A bit confused on how the [[subid]] will help me optimize better, but would love to find out. Thank You

  20. ken

    Awesome guide!


  21. Adrien

    First of all, thanks so much for creating this video! I am very surprised to see there are only 19 comments here. I mean this is really helpful info and it deserves a lot more attention!

    My question is: how do you create the lander that is very similar to the offer page with photoshop and dreamweaver? I hope you can create another short video about that. =]

  22. Aziz Kamara

    I’ve gotten this question a lot recently, so I feel compelled to make a quick video soon.

    Until then, it really is as simple as using either the “PrtSc/SysRq” key in your keyboard, or (for those who do not have access to the print screen function) installing an app which allows you to take a screen cap of your browser window, crop it, and save it.

    An example of such an app would be either “Awesome Screenshot” or “ScreenDash”. You could also just do a google search for “screen capture apps” and you will find a myriad of downloadable apps (most are free) and begin taking screen captures of your offer pages right away!

  23. Victor Manuel Mejia

    Hey Mary, sorry for getting back so late, didnt see the msg. I would highly recommend to products that are highly valuable when it comes to POF ads, Ipyxels very own Tom Fangs POF Mastery book, and Finch Premium post vol 1. @ Plus check out this blog, these dudes always share some gold,

  24. motherbee/beverly sutherland

    how do i get started without the use of prosper,helping me? i paid for the training and i was told because of not having a better financial backing i was not eligible for their help and when things get better to contact them again

  25. motherbee/beverly sutherland

    i was under the impression that 6 people got started and was making money immediately and i paid for the training and read most of the info and i am still not making anything, did i do something wrong?

  26. nwmushroom

    Great stuff. Where do you get the animated continue button? Did you make it yourself?

  27. Aziz Kamara

    Great question!

    There are a lot of button resources out there, but I like to create my own using Photoshop. You can check out how I add a simple animated “shine” to my buttons from this post.

  28. dario

    Hi, i have some question:
    In the part when you generate the tracking link, how prosper202 gather this information: age, gender and state?

    What is the post of create dynamic landing pages?

    Many thanks!

  29. Debbie Barnes

    I cannot access my POF account at all my email address does not work my password does not work why,I have set up my campaign and cannot view anything,also I tryed to re-register and it says the email is already being used but yet e=when I try to retrieve my use ID it says the email is not valid please help

  30. Debbie Barnes

    I cannot access my POF account it will not accept my email or ID yet when I tryed to re-register it said the email already exsisited when I try to retrieve my Password it says my email is not there I am confused help

  31. Tom Fang

    Email and he should get you sorted.

  32. Tom Fang

    Email and he should be able to get you sorted.

  33. dario

    can you give me an answer please?

  34. Aziz Kamara

    Hi Dario,
    If you want to dynamically pass through the age, gender, and state with your prosper-generated tracking link, you’ll need to paste those tokens in the ‘c’ variables in step 7; making sure to surround each variable with brackets ‘{‘ and ‘}’.

    To pass through these variables in your landing pages in POF, you’ll need to use some PHP as detailed in this post of how to use POF Tokens to Call Out the User.

  35. dario

    Hi, Please can you check the following picture and let me know if i done right it. Many thanks


  36. Aziz Kamara

    Yep! That’s how it should look, Dario!

  37. dario

    Excellent Ipyxel, help me a lot with my journey. I appreciate your help!

  38. CarlosRoche

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Carlos, from New York City.
    I have recently joined the community and I feel like if you guys were speaking a language i never heard in my life. I am starting a trial of Thrive and STM. I would like to know if someone could give me a couple hours orientation on Skype.

    I need to grasp the basics and then I can continue from there.

    Thank you

    Skype: resetyourjobmindset

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