1. Mitchell


    I like the new site theme a lot better. Everything looks great.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the POF changes.


  2. Brett Warner

    Hey Tom,
    New site is 100x better.  Keep up the great posts!

  3. Tom Fang

    Thanks Brett

  4. Videovixx

    Hey Tom,

    What’s the final verdict on POF changing campaigns targeting login counts <50.  I know there were a lot of complaints by a number of POF advertisers on how much harder it is now to make money.  Did POF finally go back to what it used to be or has it continued to be more challenging than before the changes?


  5. Tom Fang

    Hey Vixx, POF continues to evolve as it always has.  It changes all the time, but one thing is certain: there are a ton of traffic for a dating site.  With that, it’s just a matter of how you play the game.  The money is there to be made as long as there is traffic.  More directly on your question, I haven’t noticed too much of a blip and things seem to have stabilized a lot more.  But that could just be for my campaigns.  I still see people struggling and I still know guys (and I hate on them :P) who are doing better than me.  I’ll say this, the people who are struggling are going to complain, and the people who aren’t will rarely say a word.  Why should they?  It’s actually in their best interest to say they are struggling.  POF will never really be “what it used to be”.  That could mean a lot of things.  And when it was “what it used to be” it probably wasn’t the same as some time before that, right?  You’re either in or you’re out.  Some find it easier, some find it harder, is all.

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