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October 2019
  1. ThriveTracker’s Latest Release is a Game-Changer for Q4
September 2019
  1. ThriveTracker Now Supports E-Commerce Integration
  2. ThriveTracker Announces Free AI for Everyone
July 2019
  1. The Future of Tracking: AI
June 2019
  1. ThriveTracker Appoints Peter Varga to Managing Director
April 2019
  1. New Pricing: Built to Scale
  2. Feature of the Month: Lazy Loading Pixels
March 2019
  1. Feature of the Month: Rev-Share
  2. Top 5 Ways to Organize ThriveTracker for Long-Term Success
February 2019
  1. Feature of the Month: Bot Filters
January 2019
  1. Thriving Partnerships: UF Brings ThriveTracker into the Classroom
  2. ThriveTracker’s 2018 In Review
November 2018
  1. ThriveTracker’s New Dashboard Showcases Your Biggest Opportunities
October 2018
  1. Thrive’s Cloud Service Now Compatible with Parallel Tracking
September 2018
  1. The Latest ThriveTracker Partnership – Live Landing Pages in 30 Seconds with Landerbolt
  2. Tracking Landing Page Clicks: Now Without Cookies
August 2018
  1. Mastering ThriveTracker with our Platform Genius Sessions
July 2018
  1. Mobile and Web Tracking for Teams – Utilizing ThriveTracker’s Multi-User Access Tools
  2. We’ve Redesigned ThriveTracker’s UI with You in Mind
  3. Migrating to ThriveTracker: Made Easy
June 2018
  1. Affiliate World Europe: ThriveTracker’s Guide to Barcelona
May 2018
  1. GDPR Privacy Policies and Compliance
February 2018
  1. Spotlight: Secondary Click Assignment for Improved ROI
  2. Improving the Little Things for a Better Quality of Life
November 2017
  1. Spotlight – Native Media Buying Gets Smarter with
  2. Official Launch: ThriveTracker Educational Series
  3. Spotlight: Run Your App Install Campaigns with ThriveTracker
January 2017
  1. Day of the Week (Week-parting) Redirect Rules
  2. Flagging Whitelisted or Blacklisted Traffic Source Variables in Tracker
October 2016
  1. Filtering Out Facebook’s “Prefetching” Clicks Inflating Your Stats
August 2016
  1. Filtering Out Bot Traffic via Thrive Tracker (Incl. Detecting JavaScript!)
July 2016
  1. How to Track ClickFunnels Upsells (OTO pages) using Thrive
  2. Thrive Tracker Now Let’s You Create Sub-Users With Restrictive Access Roles (Updated July 2016)
March 2016
  1. The 0ms Tracker “Redirect” is Here – Introducing the Landing Page Tracking Pixel
December 2015
  1. Thrive Adds Day-Parting Redirection Rules, Referrer-Based Rules, & Offer Notes
November 2015
  1. Thrive Adds City, Region & Connection Type Databases (Detect Proxy/VPN Connections!)
August 2015
  1. Affiliate Summit East 2015 – A Whirlwind in New York
April 2015
  1. The Geo-Redirect / Bot Filter Add-on Module for Thrive Now Available
  2. Why CNAME is Dangerous When Using Custom Domains with A Tracker
  3. ClickBank Conversion Tracking via Their “Instant Notification Service”
March 2015
  1. Broker Traffic & Start an Affiliate Network Using the CPA Cost Model
  2. Create Multiple Branches of Split Tests in a Single Funnel
February 2015
  1. How to Track Multi-Step Up-Sell Funnels: Offer Attributions
January 2015
  1. How to Track Multi-Step Upsell Funnels: One-Click Up-Sells
  2. Affiliate Summit West 2015 – Vegas Recap
December 2014
  1. Add Offers & LPs in Bulk to THRIVE via a CSV File
November 2014
  1. How to Piggy-Back Unlimited 3rd-Party Pixels from ONE Master Pixel
October 2014
  1. The Highest Paying Referral Program for a Tracking Platform
September 2014
  1. Official Launch: THRIVE – Universal Tracking Software for Performance Marketing
August 2014
  1. Affiliate Summit East 2014. Back to NYC
February 2014
  1. 5 Rules for Making Clickworthy Display Ads & Tapworthy Mobile Ads
January 2014
  1. Skyrocket ROI with Top Performing Ads
September 2013
  1. Conquer Long Copy Landing Pages with Sticky CTAs and Scrollers
  2. 6 Proven Weapons of Influence That Will Get You Conversions – Social Proof
August 2013
  1. 6 Proven Weapons of Influence That Will Get You Conversions – Consistency-&-Commitment
  2. Affiliate Summit East 2013 in Philadelphia
  3. 6 Proven Weapons of Influence That Will Get You Conversions – Reciprocity
  4. Boost Conversion Rates With Popovers and Carousels (Part 2)
July 2013
  1. Boost Conversion Rates With Popovers and Carousels (Part 1)
  2. Understanding PPC: 5 Simple Ways To Increase Your PPC CTR
June 2013
  1. Retargeting 101: Target Users Even When They Leave
  2. 1 (More) Killer Strategy To Grab Users Before They Leave
  3. Build Dynamic Landing Pages To Respond To Any Variable
May 2013
  1. 7 Quick Tips To Create Compelling Landing Pages
  2. Build Your Own Mobile Landing Pages With Dreamweaver (2-Videos-in-1!)
  3. New To Mobile? 3 Simple Tips To Help Get You Started
April 2013
  1. Are You Branding? 7 Deadly Sins of Performance Marketing Banner Designs
March 2013
  1. 3 Simple Yet Effective jQuery Techniques You’ll Use Time and Again
  2. Stop the Excuses. Learn to Code as a Digital Marketer
  3. Capture More Leads With Mailchimp and UI Parade’s Custom Submit Forms
  4. Anatomy of a SubID: 4 Things to Know About Conversion Tracking
February 2013
  1. Social Ad Ninja: A New Competitive Research Tool for Facebook
  2. 1 Simple Way to Create Custom Players for High-Converting Promotional Videos
January 2013
  1. Photoshop Batch Processing: Create 3-in-1 Animated Banners
December 2012
  1. Using Easel to Create Landing Pages With Ease!
  2. 3 Web Design Tools You Should Know About
  3. Redirect International Traffic With Geo Targeting
November 2012
  1. Squeeze Out 10-20% More ROI With Modal Windows
  2. How to Create Interactive Landing pages Using Radio Buttons
  3. 5 Simple Tips That Will Help You Write Effective Headlines
  4. Mimic Any Offer Page In 9 Minutes or Less
October 2012
  1. 3 Tools to Optimize Your Landing Page Speed
  2. Lightning-Fast Landing Pages Part 2: Photoshop Slicing
  3. Lightning-Fast Landing Pages Part 1: Hotspots
  4. 4 Tips on Securing Your Landing Pages from Theft
  5. Marketing on a Budget: Tools and Resources That Can Save You Money
September 2012
  1. 3 Ways to Optimize for the Best Offers to Run
August 2012
  1. Facebook Mini-Guide: 7 Tips They Don’t Want You to Know
  2. Attention-Grabbing CTA’s Part 2: Creating Interactive Landing Page Elements
  3. Meet Up With Us At ASE 2012!
July 2012
  1. Attention-Grabbing CTA’s Part 1: Animated GIFs With Photoshop
  2. How to Split Test Traffic Networks
  3. How to Split Test Landing Pages vs. Direct Linking
June 2012
  1. Synopsis of 16 Favorite Marketing TechCrunches Across 4 Months
  2. How to Build a Simple Landing Page Using Dreamweaver
May 2012
  1. Advanced Photoshop Batch Processing: Using Sources from Multiple Directories Through Templating
April 2012
  1. Free Image Variation Pack Download for Split Testing Your Images
  2. To Direct Link or Not to Direct Link?
March 2012
  1. Consolidate Data from Multiple Reports Quickly Using Pivot Tables
  2. Organizing Your Image Library via Descriptive Tagging to Find Images Lightning Fast
February 2012
  1. Does Your Landing Page Convert “Above the Fold”?
  2. Fast Mobile Data Analysis via Excel Pivot Tables
  3. 3 Tricks to Differentiate Your Ad Using Photoshop
  4. Need Landing Page Help? Look No Further Than Premium Posts
  5. Excel Tutorial Series (Part 3): Filtering Unique Entries and Combining Reports
January 2012
  1. Excel Tutorial Series (Part 2): INDEX, MATCH, and Error Handling
  2. Excel Tutorial Series (Part 1): Manipulating Tracking Codes
  3. Ad Making: Touch-Up, Crop, and Resize in less than 30 seconds!
  4. Reduce Campaign ROI Volatility: User Similarity Control
  5. No More Manually Updating Campaign Payouts & URLs: P202 Offer Manager
  6. Photoshop Batch Processing (File > Automate > Batch)
  7. Kickoff Post!