We have just launched our brand new, off the factory line, add-on module for THRIVE to all our users called the Cloaker/Bot Filter module. For the first time, your tracking and cloaking needs can be under one roof!

Cloaker/Bot Filter Module

Tutorial Walk-Through

We produced a full walk-through tutorial for our users, but I’ve also decided to post it here because it is able to show exactly what this module can do at this point. Keep in mind, we just launched this, and it’s only the beginning!

Advanced Capabilities

We are just getting started with this module, but in my opinion, it is already quite robust.

  • Automatically detect bot traffic and filter it out in separate reporting
  • Create custom filters for cloaking based on the following criteria:
  • – JavaScript Enabled/Disabled
    – Browser
    – Connection Type
    – Country
    – City
    – Region
    – Device Type
    – Device Brand
    – Device Model
    – ISP/Carrier
    – IP Address List
    – Known Bots
    – Operating System
    – Referrer String
    – URL Parameter
    – User Agent String

  • Send cloaked traffic to a “safe page” of your choosing
  • Separate bot and cloaked traffic reporting so the data does not contaminate your real traffic data

For the future, we will be working on ways to detect spy tools.

Please note, that we are not in the business of cloaking specific traffic sources as THRIVE must stay 100% compliant. This is a do-it-yourself cloaker that basically allows you to customize your own cloaker. We may partner with a 3rd party in the future for this.

If you still have not tried THRIVE yet, now is the perfect time to sign up. You get access to all our add-on modules during your trial period.